Zone - i almost broke my controller

Holy fucking shit bro, i was 10-0 and this guy comes with this zone setting, i don’t know what zone it was, but everything was blocked. Couldn’t drive to the lane, couldn’t get open shots, couldn’t run plays, couldn’t pick n roll…my players were acting like retards… like literally my SF would sit out of bounds.

How in the fuck do you beat that

Pass and screen away in Hawks freelance. Perfectly spread floor and they can’t cover every spot. That’s my go to if I see a zone. You have to be good at hitting limitless shots though


HOF Range at every position and run 5 out. Use pass fakes, make smart passes, green everything.

Next time record the game. You can always rewatch and pinpoint what your opponent did.


just stand near the freethrow line and you will always have somebody open (with 5 out)

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I faced the best full court cheeser I’ve seen last night who was using Wilt to seemingly cover half the floor. Made me wanna delete the game lol

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I found 3-2 zone difficult to beat…any advice?

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I played a guy who zoned me all game. I shot 71 percent from the field, 18-23 from 3, and still lost because he just hid behind screens and then got bailed out by fouls every time he drove to the rim. He shot 18 free throws to my 6. Sometimes the game just won’t let you win.


Zone can be broken by passing and creating space on the weak side. 5 out is not helpful. Post player and Center is helpful.
3 defenders on top allow to attack the rim, 2 on top allow shooting from corners.
Moving the ball quick by passing
In real life we use horns plays/ quick screen plays to get to the rim. Offball screens on the weak side.
No isolation play


Fricking zone, I hate thee, almost an instant quit for me if I’m not on a streak

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Against a zone, if you force a post up on either side of the paint, you usually get both corners completely open, coz 2K’s zone mechanics are really stupid.


Bars right there

Feels bad man

Happens… You will get him in the next event

Against the zone, I usually post up at the free throw line and when the defense collapses you’ll always have someone open

A YouTuber released a zone defense setting mite be that lol

If for whatever reason 2K doesn’t want u to hit open 3. Ur done lol if zone

Set your controller passing setting to full ‘openness’ and hit 3s from corners. That setting helps you find it easily everytime.

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4-1 freelance. Dump it to centre. Back down and either take the post bucket or kick to the corner


WNBA freelance for 2-3 zones

What does that setting do compared to the default one?