Zion PD Take :)

Hey guys how do I change the Zion take? Do I need a special coach or do I need to add some shoes?

what do you mean by his “take”

Takeover, sorry.

Do you mean Diamond Zion? Can’t fault you for getting it wrong though since he’s even better than all PDs anyway. Easy to forget he’s a Diamond.

He gets Sharp for me with 3 pt shoe and D’antoni.

And to me this is crucial to unlocking his true potential. His green window seems huge anyway but it’s ridiculous on Sharp Takeover. I only have gold Range on him but he greens from barely over half court on TT consistently.

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Same yes he is un stoppable when he gets takeover. it doesnt matter what any one does to defend it

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I use him with AD, I always think he’s PD lmao. Thanks tho.

Right forgot about that. I’ve used the Duo too. I don’t honestly notice a huge difference with Zion. Helps AD a good amount though.

Mike Malone gives him sharp

It worked, thank you.