Zion or Charles

If 2k was going to releas a code for either GO Zion Williamson or GO Chalres Barkley who would you vote for ?

Barkley. But I like the historic players more than future players.


The round mound of rebound

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Barkley doesn’t fit the “Meta” :rofl:


Barkley can barely fit in the paint.


Barkley is only 1 inch shorter

Barkley for sure, I like the throwback players way more than the new guys

And wont have Zions speed, shooting or ball handling or overall athleticism.

Zion the Lion

Ya but barkley will be able to fight shaq haha

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Barkley since we get Zion gaurenteed next year

In a better world Barkley for sure. But since we’re playing NBA Jam they might as well give us the goofiest shit possible.

I expect a Zion with juiced stats like the juiced Simmons ROTY card last year when Zion is drafted #1 overall.

Charles. Because I hate that some players enter the league with a superstar status from the very start. I like players who had to prove themselves to gain that status.

me being a duke fan. i gotta go with zion

I thought you were talking directly to me for a second there. I think I’m too geeked :thinking:

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Uhm yeah like 2k isn’t buffing GOs into oblivion…


We will get Zion next year. I never played with a Barkley

Barkley can’t be soo useful in this game. He was great in 2k17 because attributes and hof badges were unique. That died last year.

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Thats true.


Barkley was my favorite player growing up. Had jerseys, shoes, collected cards etc. If they ever release him, it’ll be the one time I’ll spend money on VC again.