Zion on MyTeam

Do yall think he will be super cheesy? Similar to Giannis?

Or more along the lines of draymond? Could see him being a crazy combo of both

Isn’t he pretty much a shorter lebron?

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He’s 6’7 285. He’s way thicker than Lebron. Could see his player model being huge. Along with an insane vertical and speed ratings

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He’ll prolly be in the nba for a few years and drop to like 240 or go vegan. You know like the rest of these guys fo

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Honestly he’ll probably be like a shorter but faster Kemp.


i’d guess similar to blake griffin

no where close to giannis


or a Dominique Wilkins?

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Or worst case, Jason Maxiell :joy:


I like this comparison. I think they’d even make him faster than Blake

hes my 2k20 PG


Seriously though. He has insane vision for his size and handles the ball easily in the open court

They are giving him a 55-60 3 and yall still use him

He can piss 3’s bro!!

He will be like a 6’8 Shaq with more speed

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Lol his base card probably gonna be a gold/emerald


This! He is Nique 2.0.

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More like LJ honestly

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Zion gonna be trash at the start if next myteam

@Broly is correct. Hes LJ

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