Zion looks near perfect

Every touch has been with purpose… just dissecting things out there.

The beauty is in the details that are lost behind his lighting quick power… he is everywhere he needs to be on the floor right now. So heady.

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Yep… Godlike…

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Road to Zion :innocent:

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OMG… tell me y’all saw that!!!

This kid is incredible

Ha!!! I’m probably behind and just saw the Oop…

I was going back and watching him do subtle things like go after loose balls and make gorgeous outlet passes.

Looks near perfect now. Would look perfect in Celtic green

Man he is gonna look so good in chicago red

Zion just blessed sports fans this March… I would of sat my ass on the bench and cheered on Duke awaiting a #1 pick and millions if I was in his position.

Props to him for putting it all on the line, his decision to come back, and balling out like a madman in his first 10 minutes.

That is a possibility… wow, that would be fitting.

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Im also really happy he decided to play. His injury was a freak injury and tbh he doesnt seem like the injury prone type. Hes a legit tank. Hes a kid, hes hungry and he wants to play. Hes really bought into the shit that coach K sells and it shows by him playing again


He’d look good in wine and gold lol

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I commend his decision… I also think winning an NCAA title is a once in a lifetime experience.

Zion knows Duke is a legit powerhouse chance to win it all if he plays. I think he wants that achievement, memory and experience.

Also, look at a guy like Melo… no NBA rings but I know that NCAA title felt amazing and paved the way to a HOF career despite any playoff success.

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Like a bigger “baby LeBron”

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Bruh zion is such a natural its scary

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New Point Guard on nba2k20 myTeam

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I used Kerr and Paxson as my PGs in some MTU games today… I was dying laughing a couple times when they had takeover. Paxson was going off for me in both games.

I was running a gorgeous throwback lineup baby Bulls squad with ruby MJ and ruby Pippen, sapphire Horace and Longley.

I don’t play any PNO so it was sweet seeing that old Bulls team in MTU.

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