Zion gonna be a bust?

Zion gonna be a bust?

I hate to say it but i can see Zion being a bust. Just because he was dominant in the NCAA doesn’t mean he’s gonna be good in the NBA. We’ve seen things like this happen before. What y’all think?

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I think there’s nothing that points to him being a bust and everything is speculation until he plays his 1st game. But physically I think he’s still gonna be stronger than majority of the NBA players. You won’t find many people that can match Zion’s strength and athleticism. Should be similar to his college experience and he will grow as a player.


? Dude hasn’t even been drafted yet. What a topic.

The possibility is still there though

Doesn’t matter. The question I asked was “do you think zions gonna be a bust”

He passes the eye test, I don’t think bust is possible without major injury derailing his entire career.

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I’ve said this many times, but bust might be too strong. He just might not be a mega-star. I don’t see that. He has a huge skill gap versus LeBron and others who are supposed to be at this level.

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:joy: just asking bro. You never know

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Lol anything can happen

Well when I saw Lebron in high school I knew he was an Nba Talent and look at him now. Same thing with Shaq at LSU. U just knew he was going to be great. Zion has a better jumpshot than Ben Simmons if nothing else. Lmao. When u compare Zion to the other young guys who are in the league now like Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball, he definitely looks better than them.


… Anthony Bennett was a bust

Zion has a lot of potential and I hope the best for the kid

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I don’t think he’ll be a bust, but I really don’t think he’ll live up to his lofty expectations.

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I predict a short but amazing first 5 or so years and then an average career, similar to Blake Griffin. They both were super athletes but I’m not sure that level of atheletecism can be sustained for 6 7 8 seasons without a significant drop off.

Or maybe he’s the goat. Lil early yet.

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Been Following ZION since his jr year in High School and this is how it went:
-Zion is playing against little kids and will get exposed against top prospects
-Zion Destroys top competition in High School…Zion will not be able to do this in college
-Zion completely dominates college…Zion wilil not be able to do this in NBA…

Bro he is 18 years old and built like a complete tank with insane athleticism, great handle, speed and soft touch around the basket… Have you seen what Giannis looked like at 18???
25 year old Zion barring any injuries will probably be just as dominant as Giannis due to mismatches. He won’t be as tall and lanky as giannis but it will be very hard to match up against him with his strength, athelticism and skillset. He is also 18…there is a chance he can still grow a few inches.
IF he works on his jump shot and is able to play 3, he will be a complete mismatch every game against anybody, just like he will be against the 4s…this guy is not even close to being done developing physically and no where near his actual prime especially combined with NBA training regiment, nutrition etc…

I dunno how many of you guys were old enough to see Lebron his Rookie season but he coulnd’t shoot at all and still dominated with this playmaking ability and pure athelitcism. Zion is not on the same level as far as playmaking but he is more athletic than Rookie lebron. He will be more than fine and will only get better.


I think Zion will figure it out, but it won’t be easy. Summer league will be fascinating. I still think MPJ is better than Zion.

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Lebron has always been my favorite player. Been following him since high school and Lebron James as great as he was may not have been as NBA ready as Zion was directly out of high school. He’s already bigger than Lebron at the age of 18 and is more athletic than he ever was. I think a lot of people are starting to dislike him because of all the hype around him. It’s the only thing I could see. People are literally saying that an 18 year old that’s 6”7 284 pounds won’t be able to bully people in the NBA… What player 1-4 is stronger than Zion?


Also 18 year old Zion is not the most athletic zion…zion around 24-25 will be the most atheltic Zion…he is not even done growing.

Look…this is how you gotta look at it: 18 years old is a starting line for an NBA Career…zion is far and ahead of anybody at 18 than has entered nba draft other than Lebron… What happens after 18 is up to zion, but his physical potential combined with his drive tells me he has limitless potential. I really don’t see how you can even start saying Zion will be a bust with the tools that he has…unless your definition of bust means he won’t be top 3 EVER.

now man your lucky you got to watch ad for years now you get to watch Zion and a bunch of other young pieces yall will acquire

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if zion ever grows to about 6’8 and developes his jumper more gg