Zero Gravity Level Up Daily Cards - Giannis, etc…

2K dropped the firs of the daily cards they promised. Today is a 75 Gold Giannis. For a gold player, he is really good. Fast with an easy dunk. I really like the gold players they released this year. Good for Limited and can help with any challenge needing 13 gold players. All you need to do is play a game to get him. Agenda is only 4 dunks with him. Easy.


Yeah he could be useful for Limited. Like his speed too.

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Do we have all season to get all these cards or is each one only available for 24 hours? Can’t play today so just curious?

Not sure, but I think it is all season. You need each day’s to get next day, so would not make sense otherwise.

Gonna add lat quick, spd,swb, accel, and ball handle to see if I can brain dead triple threat games

For science.


This card is the best pf in the game imo

40 3pt :cold_face: :sweat_drops:

63 strength :weary:

40 offensive rebound :monkey: :dash:

47 Defensive rebound :smiling_imp:

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Not every card can be a GOAT like Bonga.

How long are they dropping these dailies?

Will be nice for as long as it lasts, even if just for the XP.

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May 13th, I think

TT beast. Removed heat check Giannis for Gold Giannis.


There are cards that just play better than what their stats say. This is one of those cards. Doing the Mutumbo block agenda in TT. I put Gold Giannis on the CPU DM card and he just shuts him down. He drives better than Sapphire Isaacs. The only thing he cannot do is hit a jumper, which for a gold card, I am actually fine with. He plays great in TT and will be a monster on any all Gold team. Only Gold player I prefer is Jakarr Sampson.
I actually am looking more forward to the Gold players being dropped today and the next 2 days than I am of the “better” cards later.

My 6,8 man is coming. I’ve had and been using him for a while now, his gold card.

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6’8” Gold PG with good enough 3 point shot and speed? The only thing I do not like about these cards is that everyone will have them for limited games. Sort of like that not everyone does the prelimited challenge so have a few cards not everyone has.

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Yea Gold Giannis is a beast CPU killer

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What a beast of a Gold.

It’s so funny how 2K plays OVR Alchemy and how it shows how meaningless OVR is.

Of course the 25 Intangibles, but also Craters to 25 his Post ratings and Shot IQ. Also horrible Passing Vision.

Low Block and Rebounding, though those ratings will have real ramifications when he’s player controlled.

How long are these cards going to be dropping on the daily? Are they all going to be Golds?

(@Eric66: Do you think it would make sense to re-title this topic so that it’s a running thread about these free reward cards?)

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For the next month. The graphic shows I believe how many of each tier we will be receiving.

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Good idea. Hope the new title works.

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I think each card has a +1 OVR compared to the day before.


:+1: Perfect. Glad you could still edit. I didn’t even know what these cards are called.

Wow, there could be some great stuff dropping for NMS/Broke MFers.

But I guess it’s best to assume that the higher tier ones are going to be unlocked only with Multiplayer and/or Original Owner Agendas.