Zen buster

tto online gotten very bad lately. i see 1 zen user in every 3 matches…what is going on!? anybody feel the same way? at least you can avoid them in park, but we can’t pick opponents in tto!!

What exactly is zen

Is it the Zohan :rofl:

Not sure if serious, but if so it’s this:

Controller adapter that allows you to program mods into it, such as auto-centering mods for the shot stick and many other options as well.


Is it really zen? Or someone who knows how to use the shot aim? Cause I see ppl always crying zen yet it’s just a person good at the aiming.


when there’s no shot meter and the aim is center green, that’s Zen.

who even pays 90 dollars just to win some 2k games

At the start of the year people were winning PL tourneys for $, they prolly made all the money back from PL tourney winnings that they spent on the controller.

For some it’s a good investment lol.

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mmm is this PC compatible???

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Or harvesting VC auctioning the cards and selling MT

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Zen user center green no shot meter. he figured out i knew he is using zen. he paused and did something. my ps share recording did not record the game?! how the hell did he stop my recording!?