Zeke PD vs Diamond Evolution Comparison

For those of you who are considering redeeming that PD IT as I am, here are the comparisons between the PD IT and the Diamond Evolution one.

Overall, one could consider evolving up this IT if you really want to wait for the token market update / dont have any other evolutions to do / (have alot of time, duh, but you could also do it in the natural course of things).

In terms of badges, the PD one gets HOF Clamps and Trapper (vs Gold), while the the D Evolution also gets the additional Gold Quick Draw badge.

Stats for the D Evolution are “only lower by 24” and based on a quick eyeball

  • -8 Offensive Consistency
  • -4 Draw Foul
  • -4 Vertical
  • -1 Playmaking
  • -1 Defending
  • -2 Perimter Defense
  • -4 Help Defense IQ

I don’t have the PD, but based on websites, the tendencies are the same


Damn near copy/ paste

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The evo dunks better than the PD. The PD barely ever dunks, maybe once or twice.

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For me those two HOF def badge makes small differences with Gold ones, however whether Quick Draw exists or not is huge difference. Ill take Evo IT and will definitely evo to diamond from 91 Amy now


not sure how much that pd zeke dunks. but expect more quick draw duplicates to come. not that we didn’t know that already

Tendencies matters as well, do u know how to compare em bro?

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It’s seriously that close what level of clamps does he get before I decide to pass on this and just keep Sid as my backup point

at diamond? it’s a gold

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as for tendencies. we need someone like denver. I’ll probably get to the diamond in 3 weeks. if ever

the badges were taken from mtdb and in game. stats from 2kmtc

on second thought, i remember one of the youtubers saying tendencies dont change during evo. let me update.

according to 2kmtc tendencies are exactly the same.

hopefully someone with the card can help do a comparison

thanks for the mentioning bro! i always be aware of some potential changes during evo progress such as Bruce Bowen getting wider hot zones when he becomes Diamond level.

Wow Im sleep. Ill try to evo him. I didnt even bother doing the challenge to get him lol

Are you saying PD IT has no quick draw at all? Or just a dif level than gold?

He doesn’t have it, at all. Sucks, but that’s the trade-off.

Lol, so the diamond is already better than the PD? That’s so dumb, lol. QD is easily the most important badge in the game…

They really need to update the badges of reward cards. This is easily the worst year ever for MyTeam rewards.

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The Amy is better than the PD

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yea the gem level difference is only a 24 stats difference

could you help us with the tendencies? also at Amy my IT is dunking alot

The PD can’t dunk with open lanes like the evo can. I keep bringing it up but it’s so irritating. The ruby is a better dunker than the PD, I’ve maybe dunked with the PD 5 times at the most

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I’m on second level amethyst for IT. My first thought shooting with the card in freestyle, was WOW, his release is nice!! The problem with that statement, is that until you reach diamond and still then, the card is one of the worst rated shooting PG’s in the game. We all gripe and get disgruntled about things like that, but if you’re using IT for anything other than moving or pull up middies, slashing to the rim and drawing fouls, playmaking with the drive and kick or as a way to lock up your opponents main ball handler then you’re probably not going to be successful in 2k20 using a card like Isiah Thomas evo or pink diamond.

One thing is for certain about quick draw, it helps shooters hit at a lot higher clip.

1.) the release with the badge seem to be way more consistent. Not as many full white glitches (i don’t use a shot meter) so slightly early or slightly late misses. For me it’s usually either green or I’m taking a bad shot and it doesn’t go in. With a guard like zeek or even magic, I try not to shoot with them unless they are wide open, no one anywhere near their vicinity, usually getting a couple of assist or layups off fastbreaks will heat them up enough that their playmaker boost will give them a +5-10 on all offensive stat categories, at this time, you can feel free to pull the trigger with them a little more.

2.) ive noticed shooting with any card in takeover even the sharps, that most cards without QuickDraw can’t even make at a higher clip than normal, just because they still struggle to get shots off uncontested.

There are several cards this year that have great releases or quick enough ones without the QuickDraw badge. (Example pink diamond Wes unselfish, has the amateur release I believe DBG calls it) he’s amazing if you’re looking for an amazing post scoring playmaker with speed boosting capabilities at the 4 or 5. Will play the 4 off the bench. Thanks god for all the guys scared to run a 6’7 bulll at center.

I haven’t used the pink diamond isiah so I don’t know which category he falls under whether or not his release is still decent even without quick draw. I do know however that 150 tokens is a lot more to spend than a free card that I know has the badge.

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