Zach LaVine still godly

Man o man this card is amazing, that release is butter!


Here, we agree. I start him over Opal Ray. He’s just… Different. A real boss.

I can green moving 3’s with him with ease, his defense is also pretty nice.

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He destroys me in TTO every time. Whoever uses him greens basically every shot. Made me consider locking him.

Yeah locked him when fan favorite packs and he is a beast , animations are nice , btb is cheese , release is money , amazing dunker , good on ball def , only weakness and it’s a small one is his height , he is a bit small 6’7 would have been perfect !! , shame it is an adidas player , wanted to put the kobe that give ext defense , no adidas gives ext def ? So what shoes ?

Anyone think he’s outdated yet? if not how are you using him on your team? mine is possibly getting taken off the team in favor of Derozan soon

Faced him the other day.

At first I was like:

Then he was greening like 98% of his shots regardless of defense and then I was like


I’m not impressed when I match up in MTU with him


I’m still using him, DeRozan is my main SG and LaVine on the bench. He is still doing good for me. you got problems with some matchups like Tmac or Roy but with some adjustments on defense he’s still a very good card.

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I use Zach lavine over GO roy in TTO and he always comes out clutch. Crazy ass card

Kobe Tmac ray allen B Roy demar derozen kawhi > Zach lavine

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Disagree on Kawhi…but dead on w everyone else


Kawhi iffy but I like his height in the passing lanes plus I feel like I’m the only one left running normal PGs so I can put kawhi on all these Magic’s n ben S n put Gil n Parker on their SG

even demar without qfs? I haven’t used demar this year.

Yeah but I played over 700 games with Tmac so that Tmac roy derozen release really works for me. I do very little driving wit demar though I either dance behind screens or use him as a spot up shooter. He’s on my 2nd unit wit arenas dr j Giannis n robinson so he’s like my 4th option for handling the ball.

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Don’t agree on kawhi and demar

Demar doesn’t even have quick first step which is essential to efficiently slashing

I also thinks he’s a bit better than Kobe but not by much

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