Zach Lavine Motw Price Check

Zach Lavine Motw Price Check

Anyone know what happened to the sets after dmitch is going for cheap?

Yah they got price fixed like crazy lol

Price fixed as soon as the code dropped… like seconds after

Damn and I was happy af getting the 95 version. Smh

93 is 5000 mt

Wouldn’t surprise me if somebody brought all the cheap 93 Mitchell and price fix them 2 weeks from now

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There’s not enough of the other cards to even lock in

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They’re dropping two opal SG tomorrow. Don’t even waste the MT on Lavine.

Amy Lance is better.

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Lavine is outdated but again if you can use him, he’s still green bean. But yeah there are better cards already.


just saw the prices and damn id rather grind roy and wait for the thank you kobe pack