Zach Lavine Moments Incoming?

As a Bulls fan this is all I have lol. They’re up 13 on the Celtics at halftime and Lavine has 19. Amy Lavine coming?

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This reminds me we didn’t get an all star promo


Lavine has 31 now. 5/8 from three

Cheap collection card. No defense

Markannen been killing it and can’t get a moments card. Lavine would have to drop 50 to get anything


Lol go look at his ruby card. Lavine has d. Low shit contest but everything else

I don’t think it’ll take 50 for Lavine to get a card. The bar is lower for him compared to like Curry/harden

Markannen has a game 36 18 and got nothing so who knows

75 on ball D is not good my friend lol

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Lol it’s prob more 2k not paying attention to the basement dwelling bulls

Lavine 40 5/9 from 3 even Lauri going off what a game for bulls smashing Celtics

This should be a duo in 2k lol

That’s his only bad stat for a ruby high steal lat d cons not to shabby

They should drop Amy Lavine and Ruby Markkanen and give them a duo :drooling_face:

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That “shit contest” basically sums up what his card will be.

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Zach lavine carrer high and markannen put of big numbers as well hope they get a duo or at least moments

Maybe diamond or Amy for lavine ruby or Amy for markannen and give them a duo that would be nice


Man people change. When did you become a Bulls fan @boilerbri07 All this time I thought Westbrook Die hard fan and OKC supporter.


Lol you’re hilarious. All my Westbrook hate posts must’ve tipped you off :joy: