Yup thanks 2k scre trash game

Thank 2k Marlins team every shot in first quarters and basically until 4th quite anniy and karma cant grab a board… alms forgot iggy dunk everyone appearly

More points in the paint, you had only 6

I know a dude who can help with whatever it is you got… he’s really good

Tel me more

Don’s score most points in the paint. Play run way plas bout 3pt omg melo wens brick brick broke mode

You had 6 points in the paint while shooting 7 for 26 from 3 point line, and zero fast break points. Whoever that was deserves to lose, you had time of possession too on your side

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Eve heard of slow pace offense and had fast break thee brick open

Ever hear of fast break or leaking out? Those can translate to easy layups at the rim or trailing open 3s

Maybe melo isnt your guy, try someonw who fits your style, melo is iso triple threat ball, with some spot up mid/3ball and post game

Play run usual cash every time melo wide usually make it. In this game nothin fall raef 0-3 jr klay 1-3. Brics central. Grangs disappear till 2nd half unless green wasn’t makin it

Depen pick roll runin plays usually fast break go over the place. So barelys have any

Well you lost and it shows, its not the game

Brick brick brick mode got me crying


So suppose green everythin win now. Whs cant 2k just award open shot. He hit contest three with russ cant make it melo

Melo Brick Brick ?

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No you dont have to green everything, you need situational awareness and basketball iq and attack his weaknesses (if he switches small guys onto bigs, stuff like that). You need to make smart basketball decisions, and it’ within seconds or milliseconds

Basically open corner full spaced crowd watching light on him brick brick mode and knees game gonna be after that

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Nots like wast makin good though jus wouldnt fall. My defens actually good most game but donuts matter miss everything’s on offense. Also hurt 2k Don’s call foul whs ambush. Play games right before pd squad team makin shot third one complete different idk do

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Lol your defense wasnt better than his, it shows

Fuck me, this post alone lold me for good 5 minutes.