Youtubers influence

Seems like a lot more influence by youtubers this year than years before.

People are very obsessed to have cards that are heavily promoted by said promoters.

Not to say that it applies to you, what AR eyour thoughts on this?


I honestly don’t feel it , probably because we have a lot of variety of cards ( they all the same but different ) even the meta guys are using different lineups . With this I’m not saying it isn’t , I probably don’t feel due the variety of cards we have

5 open yo!
cpu defense (oh sorry inteligente spamming icon lines)
TURBO glitch!!!

Since 2kDB exists, i have no reason to listen to anyone telling me what cards are good or not. If we are honest, a lot of streamers actually just read the 2kDB pages themselves, lol.


Couldn’t care less what so call influencers think of cards. I just use 2kdb and i can read the animations and shot bases myself.

I learn nothing from Tydebo speed boosting or not greening any shots.

Only 2K myteam youtube worth the view is tjayerrDAY, who actually puts the time in with the edits. No Clickbait.

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Also, i forgot, i have actually learned more things from 2kgamer than anywhere else.


I watch the youtubers just to see the jumpers on certain cards but you’re definitely right… I remember last year with Pink Diamond Eddy Curry when he went from a mid to high bin to like 200k bid card.
Same with cards like Dino.

I have a feeling 2kdb has a massive effect on this, the yters check the animations, jumpers and wingspan and hype up the cards.

For example if the yters and 2kdb didn’t exist, who the hell would ever go and try Joe Caldwell and realise he has base 98… and how would they tell that to the wider mass of people

And we barely need to see it :rofl:everyone has pro 2 and VQ just curiosity to see if they changed jumpers to cards
Tydebo and DBg videos are always the same , I like Tjay effort and creativity
Same for unbeatable Jacob
I don’t watch my team content too much but I support this last 2 guys

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All I need is 2kdb and I’ll take it from there.

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2KDB has made watching YT reviews irrelevant to me

I still watch some of DBG’s content just because he only talks about the game I’m general, can be okay to listen to while grinding. Ty/HTB/anyone else’s content is completely irrelevant to me, though

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I only watch Troydan, even though he doesn’t put up many 2k videos anymore, he’s still pure entertainment (and he still gets like half a million views in 3-4 days).

That dude is on a level of his own. Basically, that’s what people want nowadays. Entertainment. We don’t want people to show us how great they are at the game. No one cares how comp or great you are bro, chill…

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Ehh, his pure Lonzo fanboi vibe is SO grating to me (in a similar way to Ty’s Iverson hatred)

Beyond that I get why he appeals

That’s part of his “persona” though. At the end of the day though, even that, it’s still fun.

He’s definitely a funny guy. I like watching his drafts a lot

I guess I’m just the kind of guy that hates overdone ‘bits’

Most youtubers have been complaining about numbers being down. Maybe their influence is strong among a smaller crowd, but I would bet 2Kdb’s influence is a lot higher than youtubers at this point. And that’s a good thing.

Since you can see jumpers (dribbling and tendencies) before the cards are even available… I don’t need to watch them anymore :laughing:

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I still watch some of the bigger names in the community, DBG, Dcentric, HTB, TJ, RCA (who is on a break I think) on occasion. I also watch a few smaller guys that post 2k videos and their live streams. I don’t really watch 2k on Twitch anymore tho.

I watched comp games heavy last year, but this year Im just not feeling it. It gets stale. Its one dude (his name is Danny forgot his YouTube name) who goes live and post videos and he is super chill when he plays the game, he isn’t trying to be comp at all and i just enjoy watching. I don’t even know if he knows how to curryslide, lol…But he still wins a lot of games and enjoys the game for what it is. He doesn’t complain when his opponent makes a white. I’m leaning more towards that vibe this year. It gets stale in the comp community at times with people complaining about the game and still playing it, especially in the chat.

The influence is still there for sure by twitch and YT… can tell by the amount of people who side to side and step back into a burst animation…

I find hopping on a Twitch stream and seeing the card playing in a setting that isn’t fixed or edited is better

Yt videos are great but u only really get the highlights. No one showing the shitty parts of the card

Hop on Twitch to watch actual gameplay uncut. Can ask the streamer how they like the card and they will reply right away instead of having to wait for them to comment back on their video

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It’s so cool to see someone use and be incredibly good with a card that’s called trash by youtubers. Just yesterday I faced someone in 2k20 TTO that had PD Penny and he could dribble with him on god level and most releases were green. Yet a lot of youtubers thought his dribble sigs were trash. If you’re good with a certain card and it has the absolutely necessary badges to be usable, don’t listen to what anybody says and do your thing. It really is possible to be good with any card.

I love watching YTers gameplay with cards just to get a general idea before I buy them. I don’t have advanced knowledge of jumpshot bases and dribble animations so those videos help me see what the card actually moves like. It’s very helpful, but their content is never the final decision to get them because at the end of the day, I have to personally like the card to use it and no YTer can decide that for me.