YouTubeDcentric Smacking People in TTO

One of our fellow members here got smacked up a bit.

L m a o. You saw too?

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damn @ 4 mins

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Damn beat down

Daaaamn bro why did you quit!?

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I saw that too but didn’t wanna mention it. Out of respect.

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@YOSEMITE_HAM it happens man, but you shouldn’t have quit. Everyone loses from time to time


Tried to watch his videos but can’t stand the guy

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No Jokic?!?!

Whenever somebody disconnects like that I always get the L.

Good Lord that guy is annoying.

A couple missed shots in a row on triple threat and it’s game over. Thankfully I was in a party chat and didn’t hear this douschebag. And I got no shame in quitting a game of triple threat. That mode is a clown show 95% of the time and I still get my drops anyway. I’ll tip over my king if I know the game is over in Chess


And to be fair this was like my second game trying out KD

Yeah those shots with kd weren’t set properly

it’s no big deal ham!

I tore it off in a streamer last week, ( my son turned in the stream and the guy was going berserk) there is a 2 second delay in the game and the stream… So I would say watch when I did something… And 2 seconds later my kid would be cracking up

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Why you exposing like that

I’ll expose you too if you don’t watch out.



This dudes voice made me cringe.

Trust me bro I don’t sweat triple threat losses. I hate the mode and realistically still only lose about 10% of my games. I only play it when I’m sitting on 11-0 in unlimited and I get bored of challenges. That mode is not basketball imo