Youtube is down, this cant be real


I’m on YouTube TV rn?

Mine is too. Was in the middle of the game :unamused:

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Mines up still

Supposedly Xbox Live is being hit as well

You think it’s targeted?

Supposedly it’s down for users worldwide. Yours still works though? It looks like a DDoS attack.

Mines on but everybody else in my house isn’t. Probably cause I’ve been on for an hour or so, definitely before it started.

I was as well, but was booted.

thought it was just me lol

Xbox still up for me

YouTube definitely got hit here in the U.S.

Pulled this from Twitter:

Is the warriors game on the same channel? If so I’m keeping this on.

What does that mean?

Here you go, fellas:

…you’re welcome :grin:

How do I use that? Just click the link for the 720p?

That is so clutch for when I’m not home

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That should do the trick. There might be a pop up or two, but I’ve been using NBAStreams for over 2 seasons for every single Warriors game, and I’ve had zero issues.

We definitely need a thread or section for those links on game days.

NBAstreams on reddit is up for every single game (even preseason games), so you can just go there about 15 minutes before any game, and it’s there.

It’s great for me since my wife and I cut out cable, and it saves us like $200 from League Pass. Plus, I can 9 out of 10 times watch the Warriors home feed and get to hear Bob & Jim instead of some shitty announcers.