Your favourite player of 2K20 so far

From the cards I’ve used so far having not started that long ago, I’m going with PD Wade, he’s so so good all round.

Let’s hear yours

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Opal Bol, Luka, and Magic are super fun to play with.

Opal Durant
Opal Oscar Robertson
Opal Tmac

SHAQ…100 percent…him or KG.

Time spent with and enjoying it for a long time, SL Giannis. Was fun up until better cards came out

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Herro , Wade , KD :sweat_smile:
Wade Herro


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ROCO so far he’s a 3 and d god. Dino and bonga are also fucking studs

GO Wade

there is no second place


PD Wade. 2nd place.

But for me personally. I’ve found Opal Tmac to be the best card I’ve used this year, but I’ve never used Opal Wade.

I’ve always had silver Boban on my bench so this years was fun. Shaq. I wish they gave Tyson chandler a better card bc his amythest makes no sense how good it is

Those guys are the best players, but Shaq makes me laugh every time he drains a three or teabags someone with a dunk. I love it.

Wade is the most fun card on the game imo

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Bronze kostas antetokounmpo when he has to come on because my center fouled out

In like 50 games Shaq is shooting above .600 from three while Wilt is coming in at a solid .200 from three.

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12-0 worth it or nah?

I’m sweating my ass off rn my team is well below average

If its fairly easy for you go for it…but not really. His shot is really really awful and weird.

Dino is doing wonders for me rn so idk if it’s worth

Is he the last potm for the game?

Dino is better…his shot is workable.

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