Your favorite Unlimited squad for 250k mt

Just starting this week. Looking for good suggestions.
Pd jrich and ja from the codes. Have some good rubies and Amy’s. But now have some mt to throw around.

Honestly 250k is a decent amount of MT and 2k has been very generous with budget cards this year.

Backup PG I would see if those NBA is back challenges are still available and get that Amethyst Holiday, he’s amazing.

Walter Davis would be a good second option at the two and is probably cheap from locker codes.

The glitch still works where you can rent all the cards to get a free PD Cam Reddish, or get diamond Scottie Pippen, or get both.

Amethyst Siakam is a great option at SF/PF. Diamond AK47 as well, but I’m not sure what his price is.

As far as centers, it depends on your playstyle, Amethyst Ibaka is great if you like to shoot with your centers but if you just want someone to rebound and clog the lane Amethyst Ewing is great IMO.


Awesome. Thanks

I already scooped all the emerald draft cards. Gonna get the evo ones tmrw so i can get reddish.

Amethyst DLo has been pretty nice for me tto/off

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Yeah D Lo is really good too, only reason I recommend Jrue over him is because…

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Holy shit. Lmao. Ill be working on that today.

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Any more?

Packed Kobe and up for sale. So ill have 500k+ to spend.