Your favorite thing of myteam?

Sniping, offline games, unlimited, TTO, zigzaging, offballing all game or something else ?

This forum, nothing else.

Gimme those likes, bitches!


Anything thats actually within the game bro, so no, no like for you :smile:


The ability to use coaches and shoes to make a player unique to your style of play.


Every single gif in this thread then :frowning:

That “glow” was my favo thing, back in the day :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know that is not a popular opinion but by far pack pulls are good this year.
Coaches rising different attributes, post plays, improved defense and the fact that blocks from nowhere in transition are gone.

“Casino” locker codes system is fine for me as well.

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Does anyone know how offballers play domination?

They offball on offense and defense.

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