Your 12-0 runs

Your 12-0 runs

Interested to know what everyone generally uses for their monthly 12-0 runs.

Full lineup of best players inc bench?
Starting 5 and bronze rest?
Overall glitch/any other combos?

10 Man with best squad


I have some one help me, but with the mtu madness they’ve been slowed down

I’m 6-0 rarely playing

Go Simmons
Pd redd
Go Durant
Pd green
Go wilt

Pd mrr
Go harden
Pd gay
Pd siakem
Pd dino
Pd cousins


Pg - Amy Bonga
Sg - Amy Lance
Sf - Cam Reddish
Pf - Ruby Jeff Green
C - Ruby Thon Maker
And all bronzes


Amy Bonga
Saph Landry Fields
Gold Roco
Ruby Thon
GO Embiid who got replaced by Hakeem

Bronze Bench

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I did the bronze method with opal doncic and wilt. I was just curious to see if I’d even find games doing this in Australia and surprisingly went 12-0 in 3 hours. Since then I’ve just been using my god squad for fun and get to about 10-0 before losing


Looks like lineups and opponents are more randomly now, i played with 92-98 power and it had no influence on matchmaking i think, so i play with full power, Bucks playbook/ point freelance/ all the 3pt plays in the shortcut ( Quick5out5, Quickdelay…)


im done putting whole weekend on 11-1 once again, dont remember how many times I go for 11-1. I destroyed so many players who already have POTM i just dont get why they could go 12-0 i couldnt


Does point freelance work well with It? I usually run bucks book and Hawks freelance but used to use point aswell

Does that give you an overall of like 78 then?

I think it gave me like an 80/81. Didn’t come up against any hard opponents though

i run a full 13 god squad basically, just not good enough or consistant enough to get a 12-0. gonna try like hell this month once the glitch is fixed and alot of the better players have rice and move onto TTO til June :joy:


Yep tydebo shows how to use it effective in one of his videos …

A Mf glitched me at 9-0. It’s hard to keep calm


lost on game 10 ;(

These guys are doing it knowing 2k is banning ppl for it. Wild lol

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I got glitched on my 10-0 game and got banned later that day I didn’t even to the glitch

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Is it whoever closes app first gets the L? My friend is currently being glitched

Exactly. Wait it out.