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Zion on a lion



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Big ass W , feel bad for the guy tho hope he goes to another team And ball out


Dick on a stick


Early Christmas gift!!!

There’s always a qb controversy in philly

As an eagles fan, this is true. I remember after they won the Super Bowl, all these “experts” were like “hey hey, guys, let’s bench the guy that just got second in MVP and led us to 13-3! Sounds like a great idea!”:man_facepalming:

Nick foles was overhyped I feel like. At the time he had a top oline, great receivers, top TE, and great RB.

You don’t have to be a top qb to suceed with that team. Wentz is younger, has more room to develop, is more mobile, and just a better qb

Sports media is just hopping from bandwagon to bandwagon every week lol

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Carson Wentz I still feel like should have won MVP that year. And when Wentz finally had a good team around him, he was looking fucking special. Most people don’t even remember, but he was looking like generational talent. Then he got hurt when he was literally willing then to a win over the rams and nick foles came in and won the super bowl.

Yeah I’m a Dallas fan and he absolutely deserved to win mvp if he didn’t get injured. He ran the ball 99 yards down the field and foles spiked the ball in the end zone lol.


This actually made me laugh.

But I think he should’ve won mvp either way. He was literally second in touchdown passes despite missing 4 or 3 games can’t remember, while Brady was third.

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Sex on the Beach

Lick on my dick