You need to stop ripping packs

Go check out YoungSimbas recent YouTube video on pack odds and you’ll cry. The worst part is, the people that come on here and bitch about odds, continue to pour money into packs on this game. I’ve been there, we’ve all done it and feel short after dropping hundreds of dollars. It isn’t worth it guys. They experimented with 500 packs for PD shaq, and not one was pulled. The reason the odds are so bad, is because you guys open them anyways, regardless of the odds. 2k knows if they added PDs to every or every other box, then people wouldn’t open as much because MT wouldn’t be hard to get with good odds. Stop opening packs and stop supporting a company that does not care for its consumers at all. Petty issues with the game they refuse to fix, pack odds that are borderline theft. 700$ US and not one pink diamond? That’s THEFT. If you want to see change, stop supporting this company and force them to change.


Lmao Veronica is the only way I open packs


But that doesn’t apply to everyone. I’m also sure that Veronica has a lot to do with the odds as well

It applies to the majority most people know what they’re doing when they swipe the card or press purchase

Most people are spending their earned money on packs that have odds so bad it’s theft


Veronica guides me. I still spend $20 here and there to make it look like im buying all that VC


Are you referring to me lmao? I agree man…it’s just a fucking game. Fuck 2K for making it like it is.

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Haha no I wasn’t but that happened to you also that’s tough. I was referring to a group of people who opened 500 packs every sig series and that’s what they got.

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Everytime I rip a trash 20box via Mrs V its disgusting to know that most ppl pay $50 for that garbage


I pulled one million MT and 600 or 700 dollars straight without a Giannis pull…

I did a 20pk yesterday for Wade and nothing above Ruby. Idk how they get away with that shit

My god man that’s tough. That should not be legal.

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Made a thread about it at the time.

Ya’ll gonna go to the casino and complain about the odds on the slot machines too?



But still

This is game with ZERO real life benefit for winning. Your analogies make no sense and I feel sorry for you lol


You can’t gamble virtually with a game that has an audience of kids it’s illegal


Not true. A casino rewards you with money. 2k rewards you with a valueless virtual card.

Cards aren’t technically value less