You lose mt after domination multiplier

I’ve been grinding some of the new cards on rookie dom and noticed after the game tallies all of the points up and applies the multiplier it actually take points away lmao for example I had 320 mt in defense and it dropped it to 299. Not a gigantic difference or anything but why tho really

The multiplier is .75

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When 2k had the 1.5 X multiplier two days ago, it would give you the same amount of MT if you played on superstar.

That’s why I’m confused sometimes it’d give me like 2000 on score differential and now it’s taking points away, and I know it’s .75 but that doesn’t mean it should take money away

If you multiply 1000 by .75 you get 750. It’s math bro


There’s two things: if you play on Rookie, then the MT you get will be decreased by playing on a diff level with multiplier of 0.75, which is < 1.0.

The other thing is that there is something goofy about the Margin of Victory calculation I think, and I believe that it inflates that number on higher difficulty levels.

If you play on Rookie, you get less than you “earn” during the game.

I understand basic math bro what I’m saying is I don’t agree you should get mt taken away it should start at 1.0 and go up not .75 that’s weird. Not like you’re making loads of mt from grinding dom games you already complete you know?


I get what you’re saying but Rookie Dom is so easy man. Like ridiculously easy. Complaining about MT calculations when you can drop 100 pts with a bronze ain’t the hill to die on.


I think it’s designed this way to stop MT farming bro. Think about it, if you got towards the end of cycle and you mauled the Hawks with PD’s and GO’s you’d rack up 2k MT easy, so imo that’s why they have the 1200MT limit and the .75 multiplier. Just a theory though