You know what's really annoying?

When I grab an offensive board and want to pump fake to freeze the defense so I can pass to an open shooter and my guy does this acrobatic layup animation trying to finesse the ball through 9 guys.

I’ve come to accept a lot of the bullshit 2K does because of how great the game is (and it is great) but that is something that is agonizing.

Like really I can’t trust that tapping shoot under the rim will pump fake? Really?


Yeah bro shits happened to me too and then they throw up the worst shot ever, its like wtf bro i was trying to pump fake this bum :man_facepalming:

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Yall ever get that trade steals animation? Where the opponent gets a rebound, you steal it before they can shoot it and as soon as the camera flips they steal it back and it flips again. I HATE that shit


Yeah that shits lame af… Or when you go to steal the ball and it just juggles between your player and his till you both run out of bounds :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

I think the best part is when i try to post up and my player does a spin when my thumbs not even on the right stick lol

Yeah, I hate that :poop:. It should be called Sandals, because it’s a pair of flip flops.

Half my good deflections have been leading to miraculous 4 on 3 situations where I give up an open 3 every time

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Is it possible that you’re hitting Shoot to pump fake, prior to coming down with the Offensive Rebound?

When playing online, I will often shoot inadvertent jumpshots and/or mistimed jumpshots because I may hit Shoot while a pass is in transit, before it has been caught by recipient/shooter.

What happens, I think, is that due to input lag, the Shoot “command” gets “buffered” and is uncancelable. Like…you catch the pass, and then the Shoot that you prematurely input gets “entered.”

If you’ve been holding the whole time, then you’ll get a Very Late shot. If you had input/held down and then let go either before pass arrived and/or shot was initiated, you may get some sort of Early shot timing.

Sometimes I do this on accident when I jump the gun on pump-faking or shooting…I think because I built up the habit of holding down Shoot in order to immediately start the shot upon catch. Offline I think this never results in anything problematic, but Online, it can create bad shots.