You know what would hurt supermax grinders?

If they release a rookie collection and they give Laurie Markannan a Diamond. He would be a Limitless shooter for how many 3’s he got this year. I have a feeling 2k will do something like this as Rookies/MVP’s always gets peoples attention.

Since the next season goes on for quite some time, they actually may do it this year with the award winners.

Agree but a lot of people are leaving this game now. You can see the decline happening, im just going to have fun trying all these cards

Idk man, I may just have finished my end game lineup or very close to it and now the fun can begin :smiley:
I’m definitely playing the game for some time. I don’t think I’ll buy 2k19. Time to grow up.


haha now that the game is winding down i’m actually starting to do more things in real life, which I didn’t realise how much I wasn’t doing.

Well I still do stuff and don’t prioritize the game. Only when I’m hunting for a specific card or trying to sell something. Other than that, I don’t go crazy over it.

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