You guys think D rose will be in bulls packs?

He’s still in the game. Plus they added quite a few other bulls cards along w the 2 Jordan’s? I think they just might do it. I really hope they do. I still start the diamond d rose, he’s my all time fav. What you guys think?

I really think those others bulls cards wont be in packs but only in opposing team during the challenge, they have the same design as ‘cpu cards’. They would be signature cards if they were in packs. And honestly Drose is a reward i dont see how they could put it in packs but lets hope for it

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This would be a good idea, but 2K isn’t built on good ideas lol

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VERY valid point

If 2K loved me enough they would make him a moments challenge that you needed rewards ruby MJ for.


I think they will, probably for one or maybe two packs of whatever this promo will be. They were highly hinted towards you “wanting” and or needing the card so hopefully they’ll do that and give everyone a chance. I imagine the odds being shit for that though. No way in fucking hell they wanna let dudes get free diamond/PD mj

Oh wow I’m dumb I didn’t think of that. Good point

There’s for sure going to be a moments challenge that you need ruby MJ, maybe some other guys for too. I just hope 2K doesn’t make the reward shitty.

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I’m thinking it’ll be a pack of whatever packs MJ is in. Just highly reduced odds, so most likely you’ll get nothing. They won’t give that shot out for free

Maybe each challenge (weekly challenge) gives you one of the amys, eventually the diamond gilmore? Somehow getting you something?

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