You guys the real MVPs for having legit, consistent MT sellers here

Coz of you guys i can just look at the VC offers and laugh at them

200k + 100k free for 50 dollars or just buy 300k + MT and not worry about shit pulls

keep at it sellers, yall got me off the VC train for sure

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Or you can just vc glitch and laugh st the offers


I wont lie, i really dont know how any of these glitches work, and at this point im too afraid to ask

I also dont get to play as much as id like so i can either grind mycareer for the glitches or grind thru domis in myteam

also also, myplayer is only 81 overall so idk if the glitches even would work for me

i thought the VC glitch was some twitch joke till a couple weeks ago when everyone was seriously talking about it