You guys are great

Just wanted to say I enjoy the banter on here, you all seem like a good group. I’m in need of help with my roster. Looking for honest opinions and potential playbooks that work with my line up.
I have coach Pop and Kerr. Ideas for starting fives ect.
P.S Kidd and Kareem are almost at pink diamond.


What are we doing here cuz?

Simmons too expensive to be sitting on the bench imo even Bosh. I’d sell them both, get Bird and use Odom as the backup 4

K Mart is a dog too at the 4

Damn nice squad bro. Respect the grind on that :gem: JKidd too. You da man

Thanks bro. Much appreciated I Put in some long nights lol


Can’t sell Bosh but I am going to sell Ben just don’t want to take a loss. Seen one go for 350k last night from the panic sellers.

Ended up with this. Might go and grab Oscar or Shai as a back up point.



I remember I was using Bird at the PF Spot back in 2K19. Good ol days.

lol…Yeah I figured I’d try it out. So far so good!!!

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