You guys are giving kinsmen a hell of a first day

Lol this forum is so lit today. Holy shit relax guys. Kinsmen first day as a team leader and yall are making hiM WORK ! LOL


Yeah I think you guys are taking it a little too hard on the guy. So what he made a burner?? Its a normal thing. Move on, find a new slant. #iamnotdanali

Bless his soul.

Omg that hashtag tho lol

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I see why you decided to step down LOL. Like babysitting LOL

Now you all can see why lol. Seriously though I had some days I tell you!



Takes a special soul to wanna deal with degenerates like us LOLOL. Shout out to @kinsman for killing it first day haha


@kinsman you da real MVP

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Everyone breath, so much anger today

It’s Friday cash your check , enjoy a drink relax

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I think I’m just getting hazed since it’s my first day lol.


Its only begun buddy. Im about to go rogue. lol. Jk jk.

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It has been crazy around here

I was trying to post an In b4 lock gif and the whole site got locked before i could hit send lmao what a time

So much hate

I’m stuck at home all weekend, while the family is at a tournament for the oldest in Kentucky

I’m going to be super bored

It’s been very Real Housewives of NBA 2K around here today.

Speaking as a mod: @2KGamer is going to put up a pinned topic to, basically, pointedly ask everyone to chill out and understand that there are general standards for language and behavior and that overt hostility, such as insinuating violence, is not tolerated here. That we may be quicker than normal to silence or suspend accounts over next few days, if all this drama remains unabated.

We’ve asked some other members to cut it out with insinuations of violence and resuscitations of personal beef.

Speaking for myself: @DaNali probably deserved a little shit for reneging on a promise, but it should not be forgotten that it was a promise to give something away for free and cost nobody anything to not receive. He never really did anything wrong and when he came back with his OG account, he offered to make good on his gift promises in equivalent form. Those with whom he reneged are fine with him. Turned down the offer to make good, I believe. So he’s eaten his crow, tried to make amends, and I don’t see the point of raking him over the coals further.

Hopefully everyone got it all out of their system and we can move forward and keep things positive and fun.

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