You Can’t Do Guard To Guard Screens In 2K20


Also Half Court Press & Trap has been removed

Expect Full Court Press more than ever

Why remove half court and not full press??

I think it was indicated before that we cannot select position for screen? Only screens by Center, in terms of manual screens?

that’s acc so dumb defense is gonna be a brain dead pointless part of the game

So when everyone has range extender and quick draw it will be a free for all.

U can. look up his most recent video. click L, then R, then the player icon.

i tot the most recent video was a pretty good one


This is not true actually. You can screen with anyone u want. Just hv to hit different combo of controls. L1 then r1 and icon I think someone who has the game told me.


Yeah you can
You have to use R1 with L1 then the icon

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Okay phew. Good.

So what’s the deal with Guard for Guard screens?

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Ban half court but keep full court

No guard screen? Jesus 2k man

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i was able to get manual screens from siakam or gasol in the demo…i thought from everyone tbh

I was setting screens with little Freddy in the demo, DBG, must not have the controls down yet.

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