You are in front of the mirror

What will you say to yourself🤔

Your goatee looks a little crooked.

Good job not buying 2K21

please Deshaun Watson stay.

Who is this fatty that keeps staring back at me?

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Nice cock

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You need a shave chief

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I have to pee

Take off that damn mask!!

My dick is big

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Fuck I’m ugly

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Stay the course

All those wasted hours I spent grinding domination, triple threat, etc the past 5 years. Absolute waste of life when you think about it.

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Stay strong, n***a keep fighting


Who are you?

Shave tomorrow.

I see pride.
I see power.
I see a badass mother fucker who don’t take no shit off of nobody.

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Nice Jordan jersey brother

Legitimately funny answer.

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