Good game of TTO buddy. Had to make you respect Nance. That was a fun one.

Thread worthy.


My triple threat games are a hot topic lately


I thought it was just cool to play someone from here. Didn’t mean to offend.


I think what he’s getting at is you can say gg to someone with a pm either on here or the console itself. Making it a thread makes it seem like you’re trying to obtain some clout or something for winning a game of triple threat. Comes off as kinda d-baggy. But hey I’m not offended


I didn’t even say anything about winning tbh. I personally didn’t think that mattered actually. I just thought it was cool to play another member and that was one my more fun games in awhile. Just because of the back and forth. But if you feel that way I understand I suppose. I’ll delete the thread. Sorry to bother y’all.


The irony when triple threat is supposed to be all fun and games, just for fooling around lol.

Requesting deletion from mods @HarryLundt

Right? I guess I gotta go try hard every game now that I know the paparazzi are out. This is the second time this has been a topic in less than 24 hours lol Shout out @Awanz


Jesus, the guy just wanted to say it was cool to play someone from the site.



(till 10th sec)


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Hahaha yeah, I’m sure OP has no bad intentions. It’s just really funny how @YOSEMITE_HAM can’t catch a break from triple threat games.

Imagine being associated with some loser YouTuber trash talking in a freaking triple thread game lol. I really wonder what dcentric was thinking. He literally had “trash talking” in his video title. What a douche lol.

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The losers mentality on here is disgusting lmfao . If you lose to a member here and someone posts it , that’s not embarrassing at all it’s literally a video game it’s not that serious , and to the thread yesterday. About that d centric guy , I just wanna know where you guys live where’s theres no trash talking because the cupcake culture here is crazy ( everyone was thinking it )


Right, its pretty funny when these dudes dont talk that much shit when they’re racking L’s. But when they get W’s they all tough and rough, perfect example of internet heros. Just please, fucking videos game, i am nor most people here are interested what some sad kids have to say to us, but yah, soft lmfo.

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Dcentric is just a scum bag he’s a cupcake who also talks shit

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Win some, lose some. Don’t get too high or too low.

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Idk about you, but what I feel is that dcentric don’t deserve to trash talk, not with that tone, not with that cheesy way he plays.

You need some level of clout and respect to be trash talking properly. Otherwise, what you’re doing is just being a douche and being annoying.

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We taking TTO wins seriously now? Lol


Funny how people only wanna come to this site n say GG when they win. I deal with the same bs all the time though.

LOL of course not. Imma still going to take half court contested shots with klay the next time I play HAHAHA