Yo SNAGUP, stop posting spam

I’ve seen @SNAGUP on here. Stop posting weird threads in the forums.

Yeah, dude wtf.

He always struck me as weirdo, but this ???

Lol wtf


And then people are mad that goverments track your emails and what not, sure privacy and stuff, but i got nothing to hide so i dont care, i rather people like that (you can hardly call them that) be locked up far far away from me and my family.



Whack af

Unless that isn’t actually him or somebody hacked his account, lowkey should be banned lol

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If it’s meant to be a joke, it’s not funny at all.

It literally doesn’t even make sense lol

Lol not me I don’t even use that account anymore. I mean I have a little brother so it might have been him, but I ditched that site when I came here.

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we need that fixed mate

He is literally trolling every thread

Holy shit I just saw it, I’m going to try to get the account deleted. I don’t think I was hacked so I’ll figure it out. I don’t know how the account isn’t banned yet.

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