💎 Yi Jianlin: Quite possibly one of the most underrated cards in 2K?

Everyone has been talking about Yao, but In my opinion Yi Jianlin is not only better than him…he might be better than almost every center in the game.

Badges to add:

Deep 3’s
Dead eye or handles for days

Shoe: Defense Kobe grinches

With this mix you have the best shooting 7 footer by a mile, his release is incredible and his wingspan allows him to shoot over almost every other player who guards him. In the paint he gets a lot of blocks, and a lot of boards

He also has the cheesy BTB that Dino had last year…so moving down court you dribble with him like a guard. If you’re on a budget, running Boucher at the 4 and Yi at the 5 gives you one of the best back court presences you can imagine. Both of them play like guards and defend like centers…a crazy duo.

If you haven’t tried this card yet, check him out.


Maybe you’re just REALLY good with bigs

I pulled him and immediately sold him didnt even try him lol

Naw man, he’s legit. There’s certain bigs that play like a big, and then there’s ones that play like a guard. It’s hard to find one that plays like both. He is a hidden gem, a PD in a diamond wrapper.


There’s some going up with clamps and deep 3’s…you should grab you a cheap one and give him a run, definitely worth it.

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ill give him a try gonna run my chinese national team frontcourt him and yao

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Without him being badged out he greens well

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Listen to this man.


I’ll take IIyasova turk


12.5 ppg on mtu only 7 min jumpshot much improve than previously 2k example(peja 2k19 jumpshot is goat 2k20 very disappointed

So are you saying he’s one of the most underrated cards or better than Yi? I’m confused bro lol

Similar player never see single Yi mtu either iiysova

I have been play iiyasova since in 2k8 Yi start famous on 2k9

They are not similar lol

Ilyasova is a pure pick and pop big, Yi is much more of a point center (at this point in the game, at least)

Iiysova drive me crazy at SG Yi is also good any position

Naw they aren’t similar at all, Ilyasova can only shoot 3’s. He has no dribble sigs and has horrible interior defense. He can grab boards but his lack of quickness negates how much boards he can grab amongst elite centers. Even with a top shoe and coach this is what you’re going to get from Ersan

Compared to this with Yi

They’re worlds apart in almost every way, not to mention the badge count. You haven’t seen a lot of Yi’s because people use hype cards, but people who truly understand the game know that there’s overlooked cards that perform just as well or better than the most popular cards…this is one of them.


Hands stat matter

Yi is a dawg. His shot is so smooth and his dribbles are nasty. Defense not bad either.

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Huh? Hands stats?

Like controll ball + spin spam easy Brewer taught me lot