Yi Jianlian Vs Kristaps Porzingis (who has the better card?)

Just tried out this Amethyst Yi today and decided to sell my amethyst Kristaps, but mostly because they seem very similar and excel at the same things. Most would agree that Kristaps plays above his ratings for sure, but Yi has an entire 101 more attributes than Kristaps. Both come equipped with 10 gold badges. Defensive ratings are about the same and shooting. The biggest difference I’ve notice is that Yi has 78 ball control compared to KP’s 65 to go with YI’s faster swb. With that said Which card is the better Myteam Card right now?

KP , but yi nice for his price

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I play them together. Yi at C. Much better defensive tendencies

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Imo it’s Porzingis hands down. A combination of 7’3 with his mobility is unmatched. With the new/old contest, Porzingis will be shooting open looks over mostly anyone.
His height makes him a terrific rim protector and rebounder too.

Yi has better playmaking, but he isn’t a cheesy dribbler at all, and that isn’t enough to put him in the same league of Porzingis imo


I have used both and stuck with Yi. Yi has handoff plays which actually allow you to make use of his 83 bc for me. Hes an absolute sniper for me and can rebound and guard 5s or 4s with his 85 lat quick for me. He has a weird post fade, but ive spent the last few days working on it, and its effective.

For me hes a great starting 4, kind of like draymond but not a clamp, but a glue playmaker. His rebounding, defense, shooting make him a starter.

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I run a 10 man so when i say starter i mean in the 10

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KP cheaper on PC lol 4k

Yi also has a little head and neck. I wonder if his shoulders are at the same level as KP’s.

Yi feels huge in game. I know KP does too, but yi rebounds well enough to play 5 with that 90+ boxout.

Yis dribble moves are way better than KPs haha


But according to ratings Yi is much faster than Kristaps. I know you said Kristaps is tall and unmatched in mobility
KP - 60 swb 65 Ball control
Yi - 65 swb 78 ball control
So Yi actually has the advantage
Also Yi’s Release is pretty quick as well, but not as quick as Kristaps. Yi is 7ft and Kp is 7”3 so that might make a pretty big difference, but I’ve hardly seen anyone play Kristaps back to the basket in the post.

I do find KP’s shot easier to green…

What makes Kristaps better though? Is it just because of the name or is he actually better in game. If I matched up YI vs Kristaps in TTO or MTU who wins the match up? Yi higher block, speed, ball control, rebounding and 3

Im going through a complete relearn on releases. They really have yall fooled on 30 frames per second on xbox and ps4. 144 frames per second has me relearning every release. Plus i just switched to an xbox controller. PS4 isnt very compatible with pc

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Porzingis is better, and by a margin imo. That height and wingspan are a huge difference, it makes Zingis much better at contesting/blocking shots, rebounding, posting up and even shooting than most 7 footers, Yi included. He also has high off dribble shooting stats while Yi doesn’t, so he’s much more reliable for those transition 3s. One of the wettest releases too. Porzingis will likely be on my squad until they release an updated card of him, he’s just that damn good.

Couldn’t get them to stand still and take a pic together. Thought it was only fair to show both in each position… but, of course, my angles weren’t consistent :roll_eyes:


KP because he can make slightly contested shots in a higher rate, just unbelievable :innocent:

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I haven’t given Yi the chance to make those type of shots yet, but yeah KP does make plenty of shots he shouldn’t.

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If I had to use Yi or KP

KP for me, he seems to just be in the right spot all the time when he doesn’t have the ball

I know the ratings are different, but I tried them both on the floor in TTO and even though Yi feels a tad faster with the ball, that minimal advantage doesn’t make up for everything else Porzingis has on him. Because Yi isn’t a ballhandler either.

Talking about rim protection I didn’t mean the low post iso, but rather help defense. Its extremely hard to finish layups or dunks on Porzingis, obviously. But even in the low post iso his lenght is so impressive that he contests hooks and layups very well

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I’m using yi at Pf kp at center. This is over pd AD and Hakeem because of equalizer and 3s. They both block everything.

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