Yet another year of crazy shooting being rewarded heavily

I promise you wont see another thread created by me this year, but just thought I’d give 2k24 myteam a fair chance before i roasted it.

But just wow… off the dribble 3s green, wild leaners green, 70 ovr 3pt shooters green. And we’re talking basic emeralds & golds with insane shooting, my gosh i hate to imagine whay this mode will look like when Opals & Dark Matters release. 2k16, you are sorely missed lol.

Whats crazy is that the core gameplay this year is absolutely amazing! I love the movements & just the way everything feels & reacts. Its just the insane jumpers that break it for me.

Not putting up with another year of outscoring bums 40-12 in the paint & still losing. Hell with that, PNO & MyEra, I’m coming home!