YBC says new spotlight sims tomorrow?

In YBC’s prediction video for this upcoming week he said that we might get new spotlight sim challenges tomorrow because the throwback moments expire Wednesday and the last time they expired Wednesday we got the curry challenges. Thoughts?

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it could be a token update tho :rofl::rofl:


Eh would be nice I guess but I doubt it

What’s Mar’s current alignment with the Sun looking like?

If I knew that I’d be able to tell ya.

I’d amend the title a bit to to reflect that this is based purely on speculation. When I saw the title, I assumed he had some actual knowledge.

YBC stands for young buttugly clown and his predictions are not worth thinking about.


I doubt that we will get new spotlight sims since we got them 2 weeks ago
Maybe some buzzer beaters or super packs

Hopefully token market but im not expecting to get another one for the remainder of 2k20

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Have any of his predictions ever been right?

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If they treat this like a normal week, I think that means they plan to drag out content throughout the restart. So new packs, but no token market update. Hope I’m wrong, but I think they know there is pent-up demand for NBA coverage — and they’ll capitalize by dropping Moments almost every day they can once games start 7/30.

Some but not a good percentage of them

We just got spotlight sims literally 13 days ago. What is this kid smoking?


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The title is fine.

YBC’s also the guy that puts Zach lavine at goat tier SG

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Just a suggestion my man. We’ve had a rash of misleading/speculative thread titles lately.

No offense to YBC but he hasn’t been right all year on his predictions my predictions for the week are
Monday- Super Packs
Tuesday- Dynamic Duos
Wednesday- Throwback Moments/John Stockton & Maunte Bol
Friday- OOP3 PG Giannis, GOAT Bill Russell

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Nah fuck offline challenges :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Mondays feel like super packs personally, but my predictions holds the same worth as anyone elses: absolutely useless.

Ybc doesn’t know shit in all of his prediction videos he praises himself for predicting that throwback moments were gonna come out the day they expire


Lets say they do spotlights. What would be the theme???

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