YBC on his high horse buying more mt

YBC on his high horse buying more mt

as much as i hate to do something like this, when I see ybc giving @DBG shit for buying MT, and then goes and buys 2m MT to do a video, it gets me riled up…

and i’m in no way against buying MT

yea how did he get 2m MT without even opening packs

He closed his eyes and said “Beetlejuice” three times fast.

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He used his promo code, that’s how lol nah the kid is a good kid. Does whatever it takes to get videos out everyday, that’s a grind

i dont really have much against him, but i unsubbed after the whole blazer playbook situation.

i’m ok with grinding, we all grind hard at our jobs to make money, but they make alot of ad revenue as it is. to try to get kids to pay 10 bucks for that playbook of his is akin to 2k trying to get money from the kids. especially when they dont know any better

on top of that he didnt acknowledge that kids werent getting their MT after promoting the sites, and then proceeds to rely on a ad hominem argument on DBG. DBG’s got banned 3 times now, so should this kid be too?


And why is he always shouting at the camera like he is stephen a smith.

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Thinking of changing my team name to green peen

But would ppl get the reference :thinking:

Yeah we all choose who we wanna watch and alot of them I’ve stopped watching based on there reactions lately.

YBC account is banned for the year, he had to make a new account to play the game I’m pretty sure.

yea this is his second account but DBG had his second and third accounts banned too.

after all this guys would think im a DBG burner, but hes probably still asleep at this time of the day

Wow, that’s crazy. Dbg made some good points tho on a lot of the drama. I just try play the game now, it’s more fun that way

yea not trying to stoke the flames, just an observation. i still watch DBG mainly cos he talks about the game and I can do it while I play


There is absolutely nothing wrong imo with buying MT as long as everyone knows the risk of being banned. Only problem I ever had was promoting it as “safe and reliable”


What’s your new job that you’ve talked about? Does it have anything to do with YouTube business or marketing?

no, absolutely nothing to do with youtube or anything else. The final part of my degree, finish in May and will be back to full time then

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That’s what’s up. I’m going back this summer for Business so I was curious. Good luck bro