Yay or Nay?

Im up 30-13 in the second and I only have two wins on my run…should I give it to him?

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Fuck it. Give hope to humanity


u haven’t gone 12-0? just play it out. if you give him the W ur giving this dude an hour of your time

If you don’t have worthy take the dub

Dont have him yet…

Let him burn

just win

Was gonna work on it tonight…Id have to do three more games.

Fuk it let em rot, lol

Just say you have corona virus and the cure is that fat 12-0 record at the end of the grind


I just gave it to him…hopefully he is telling the truth and takes off the porn.

Not gonna lie I wanted to fake him out at the end of the timer ha.


Get your wins. He could be 2-0 just like you are for all we know. He could be telling every opponent that he’s 11-0 until he gets 12 wins from all pity quits.

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hey btw is ur gamertag bob bobby or something like that? there was one similar on the scroll and i thought it could be u

Ask for a pic of Worthy.

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Its not my Gamertag…not even close.

As I understand it, porn on the court doesn’t leading you to some thoughts?

  1. Take your w.
  2. Ask him to show 11-1 in 3mins and you’ll give him 100k mt.
  3. Watch him cursing you.
  4. Block him, when you have enough fun.