Yao or Ralph

Who will you choose as your bench C? :thinking:


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Ralph: he is my starting c. However if you are going to play in the post with your 5, yao

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looks like you can’t go wrong either way op

try them both out — comes down to preference

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They are typically the same price with 3 point shoes but Yao is taller Ralph has higher 3 ball . Hard to choose…

And Yao is fucking slow smh…

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yao’s 3 ball is pretty cash bc his release is one of the easiest in the entire game

he is one of the best players in the post that i’ve used in this game, if not the best

his size is an insane benefit on offense & defense for being disruptive, rebounding & clearing space

yao’s downfall is he is super slow so you’ll have to manually sprint back on defense with him —
i’m not totally in love with him bc of his lack of speed but he’s my choice for backup for now with hakeem on deck for emergency


The speed, lateral quickness and vertical are yao’s flaws: sometimes he will get outrebounded because of speed and vertical. In the post he is unstoppable tho

Ralph can lock down almost anyone, but doesn’t have really good post animations

From 3 they are almost the same


Ralph gets dominated in the paint. I’ve had him twice and sold him. His TRex arms are a problem. Rather have Gilmore.

Nah his size makes up for them: he can contest everything

They don’t though. I compared his stats to my diamond Wilt and Gilmore and sold him. His rebound percentage compared to his height is laughable.

Yao is so fun this year.
I never used his cards mainly, but with improved and effective post game his a killer in the paint.

Non contested shots all day anf his shimmy fade is the best post play animation.

Hes realy slow, so is nice to have a speedster backup tho.

Tried them both. Loved Ralph, hated Yao except for post moves. Had to sell Ralph when his price shot up to 175k. He’s not 125k better than Marc Gasol.

Yeh, M.Gasol is top underrated cards this year.

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