Yao is the most broken card in the game! For these 3 reasons

He has 3 things that no other giant has in this game…

  1. A 3 point shot, can get up to 86 I think
    Shoe = +3 , hof FG = +4 , coach = +4

  2. He has a badge no other giant has in at all which is DEEP HOOKS , lmaooo cmon man ppl don’t realize how op that badge is if you play park you may know. Also has hof backdown and dropstep not to mention all hof d post badges lmaooo

  3. Probably the stupidest shit 2k ever did bro, PF secondary… WTF lmaoooo I hate these devs bro. Tacko at the 5 , Yao at the 4 let’s get it 2k thanks


He’s also the best Bc he is Yao!

Haha GG Y’all see you in 2K21


I can’t wait to use him and smits gotta see wassup

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Geez, not to mention HOF C&S to go with that 86 3.

Lol no more helping off the giants Lmaoo I already gave peeps trouble with smits hitting deep mids now yao can actually step behind that line

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Me this year

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In 2k19, all guys would use Yao was for screen & pops at the 3. Defensively, they would user Yao like a damn free safety in madden. Wingspan made for unrealistic steals.

So this is nothing new. Same sh**, just a crappier 2k to cheese it on.

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What coach boosts centers three point shot?

Chill man. Yao not the only Giant with Deep Hooks. Kareem even has Deep Hooks on HOF! He even has it on his Diamond already. :sunglasses:

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Oh yeah? Meet my PD Dwight Howard in mid-June!


I don’t think it would be possible to stop a Yao hook w/o dumb luck or a double team right now (or another Yao). And that might not be enough due to his height.

It’s an automatic bucket. Same cannot be said about KAJ b/c Yao or Tacko could stop that without help.

Wonder if people still think 2k doesn’t know what they’re doing

I just packed him and he is clearly looking beastly

I packed this card. Hoping he sells for a :poop: ton! I’d rather take my chances with Duncan and lock the Allen and get the TMac.

A PD Yao out the gate is crazy, a amy would’ve been a enough. How op giants are in this game the should’ve build up to a PD.

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Did Yao ever play PF in his whole career?

Also,I saw him at the all star game live, they all dared him to shoot a 3 wide open and he completely airballed.

“86 three”


What coach gives the +4 three ball? :eyes:



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That’s tuff. Appreciate it

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