Y'all think LBJ passing MJ this year?

He’s less than a thousand away I believe.

As of November 14th, 2018 LeBron James is fifth on the list with a total of 31,425 points scored in regular season NBA games.

867 pts difference. I say mid 2020 :slight_smile:

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Watch they drop Lebron in the this day in history random drop rather than moments

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Lebron will have every kinda card lol. Moments, throwback, playoffs etc…

He is averaging just over 27 a game…let’s say he averaged 25…68 regular season games left.

He will pass MJ by mid/end of season and be close to passing Kobe.

On pace for 1700 or more to be added by April.

LBJ is a Monster


Salty MJ, Warriors and Boston Celtics fans insert hate here.

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Don’t have to compare stats when you have the 6 rings argument on your side.



@pancakes just destroyed you with that post. Bill Russel> MJ if we talking Rings and Lebron > MJ if we talking points by the end of the year.

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you all respond to a troll way too seriously lol


Cumulative points means Karl Malone is the second best of all-time.

I fixed the teeth for ya lol. Other rings were lost between those.


I felt the teeth really brings out the character lmao

Well he is. Idk about the second best player ever, but statistically he is the second best scorer of all time. Doesn’t matter who’s playstyle we like more.

MJ played in the east when it was better than the west -> 6-0

LeBron played in the east when it was MUCH WORST than the west -> 3-9. sorry its over

You know why I hate this argument? You still gotta beat the best Western team to win. And Cavs of 03-10 are doo doo.

Edit: When comparing players, you can’t compare the state of the league.

I’m not comparing who is the goat. That’s debatable, but what won’t be debatable is who has more points MJ or Bron. Bron is passing him this season and will have the most points in NBA history once it’s all said and done. Just like MJ has more rings no debating that.

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I can blowby through em, not a good defender lol.

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Having the second most points ever doesnt mean you are the second best scorer of all time. It simply means you have the second most points total.