Yall can always do

Themed lineups to make game less boring and seeing exact same lineup vs lineup every game.


Last year I bought a whole range of cheap opals and ran spin wheel drafts to decide my team. It was the most fun I had all year…


Get ready for the Chinese national team theme lol.

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My Cs lineup

Opal Rondo, Pierce, goat Bird, KG, goat Bill
Kemba Brown Tatum McHale Parish

…too bad they disrespected Cousy/Havlicek


I bought almost all the opals last year and made decade lineups. I want that opal Isiah Thomas so I can do it again

other than rondo that starting 5 is nice. raps have

pg: tmac
sg: goat vince
sf: kawhi
pf: siakam
c: bosh

now and i really like it

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Technically Hakeem played for Raps too :joy:

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i try to keep it at least memorable raps appearances. not that tmac was great on the raps but i definitely remember him on the team, and hakeem is one of those “did you know THIS superstar played on this team?” players for the raps

I will do harden/tmac/Pippen/hakeem/Yao with the likes of Westbrook, Roco, Jeff Green, Gerald Green, Battier and etc of the bench.

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thats an insane team

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Yep that was one nice thing about the spotlight sims they encouraged themed lineups for me at least since I had to have 10 players from that team anyway. Got themed lineups for every team in the league and now will have ton of Goats to add to them too :rofl:

Did a all 7 ft lineup at the end of every year as a joke

Little did I know is that it would become the meta lol

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