Y’all need to put some respec on Kobe name

Mans comming up all they talked about was Kobe or iverson amd we know who came out the better of the two then Kobe and tmac we know what happened then Kobe Lebron we seen how that played out Kobe embarrassing dude multiple times in Allstar games

And y’all and 2k have the audacity to shade my mans with Brandon Roy of all people

Man 2019 wild already not sure I’m prepared for this

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Kuzma > Kobe jk

This the kinda slander I’m talking bout something’s just ain’t for play hombre
We talking about Kobe

Mans got me in a corner like :sob::exploding_head::face_vomiting:

Shouldn’t you be praising shareef or big country?

No I seen shareef play live he was ass

Dickerson came to play that night I seen them live tho if I recall dude had mad long socks tho
Swift wasn’t bad either

I respect and love Kobe. And IRL he is much better than AI or TMac

But not Lebron


No he is better then Lebron in any performance except possibly last years playoff run

Lebron finally reached Kobe levels then
It was actually amazing to watch

how did Kobe vs LeBron play out in real NBA games?

With both of them failing to make the finals 1 year each so we could really see :man_shrugging:

But Kobe worked Lebron 1 on 1 all the time especially if it wasn’t transition

Because what guard is stopping that freight train

I love both Kobe and LeBron there’s no reason to compare those two.

Yes there is

unnatural Atheltic size vs unnatural determination

If you plan on reasonably debating this guy whatsoever on this topic, I advise you not to. Go check out the “official Kobe thread” to see the kind of intelligence you’ll be dealing with


All star games…? Haha you’re reaching there my man. All star games prove nothing. LBJ far better player than Kobe and it’s not even a conversation outside of Kobe stans.

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Kobe worked him even blocked him for a huge highlight and won all the duels they had in the all star games ? U got Alzheimer’s ?

I don’t get how some people think that just because people say Jordan/Bron etc > Kobe somehow means that we’re downplaying Kobe

Kobe better then both those fools is why


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Kobe never dominated like Lebron. And Lebron was never the second best player of his team

Positive magic Kobe Lebron Duncan wilt top 5
But Kobe #1

I love Kobe. Definitely the second best sg of all time and I’m not downplaying him in the slightest when I say I can name at least 5 players that I would take over him

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