Y’all have to try the drive cam

So I’ve been reading a lot about different cams that some of y’all use, and I tried drive and it’s obviously way different than 2K, but it’s actually fun, you see the defense from different angles, and your offense is more “accurate”, least that’s what I’ve experienced

Thats the cam i used. I posted a video of a highlight on here and everyone complained about how it pans around. Gave them head aches they said. Personally i love it

I tried one camera view called High on thw weekley challenges and i liked it. It is more of a top view where you can actually have a better viewof the gap between your player and defenders. However tried to change to it on sm and I can’t find the option.

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Drive is by far the best one on one cam there is. If you’re running into a lot of 5 out and are primarily an iso ball/post player, use this camera and you’ll be much better at all aspects of your game.

However it’s also by far the worst catch and shoot camera. If you can make a wing to wing pass to a guy coming off a screen for a shot and get greens with any consistency, you are a shot god. The camera pans entirely too slowly when trying to get a shot up before the defense can close you out.

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It’s really been helping me with the 5 out cheesers, and it helps with executing some moves that normally didn’t come out , and you’re right about that, too hard

they should have a option where you can change cameras during offense and defense… I like broadcast for offense and Drive cam for Defense…

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