xProposition is toxic AF - Xbox

Guys the end is near and the cheeser to tolerable players ratio is tilting towards the other side if it isn’t already.

This guy running Giannis- AK47–Cowen-Cousind-Ayton. 5-out all game and full court press.

I’m someone who never quits games. I grind it out even when down 30. But playing no lifers like this guy is a waste of fucking time and even if he was only up 7 at halftime.

All the cheesers are there specially on the first week bro. In asia that is normal.

Lol idk how you put up with it if that majority of your games are like this. Is a shiny rewards card of a player most kids have never heard of, let alone seen really worth going all out for?

And yes I know this rant is cliche and one of many lol

I just beat them bro or at least try my best to win :slight_smile:

5-out GO Giannis is really hard to stop,
If you stop it he will result in zig zag screens with AK
or putting a center at point guard lmao :smile:

I set my defense at no threes and make him take two’s all game. Remove the kickout and see how patient he is.

It’s hilarious how he doesn’t have to play any guards yet his centers are chasing mine off screens like nothing

Game is broken bro. I set to moderate defense if he 5-out try to guard giannis with a big stopper.

Also try to have hof pick pocket/def stopper/bruiser is a bonus and try to time the steal button.

Mix your defense to man or zone. It is really sweaty TBH.

Ooooooooooouuuuuuu i playing clowns like that! I’ll be on the lookout for this joke.

I on ball all game. Too stubborn to play off ball and don’t wanna be that guy. Lonzo does a pretty good job.

yeah on-ball is the best way to stop it IMO. Try to time the steal but it’s not that easy.

I was 6-0 too, was bound to run into someone like that. Oh well lol. Let’s see how much my free PD MJ Sells for. Hope I get 70k for him at least

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