XP reset issue

So, I was just grinding a few XP, played some TTO games and got into an Unlimited game where my opponent rage quitted at some point.

After I went back into my main menu, all my XP were gone, even if they are marked as done in the menu.

Anyone else got the same issue?

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Yes, lots of people with the same problem hope they fix it soon because I lost 750xp


I have the same problem :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: That sucks.

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Thanks, I’m sorry if there already is a topic about.

Mods can eventually delete this one

gold caruso challenges have been reset for me, only that for now (im on ps5)

No problem bro we were just talking about it on another topic but this issue is really big and needs visibilization imo

I’m fine so far hmmmm are u guys playing next gen maybe?

Nope… PS4

Did somebody rage quit on your Unlimited game?