Xp grind

With them going back to the old style xp grind, on the new drop, I find myself not motivated to play. I loved just playing with the players and gaining xp and now it is back I have to get 25 block with a certain player.

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Good thing Eddie Curry is a multiple time DPOY and 1 of the best intimidators of all time …1st team all defense !!! Against the inevitable invasion of the half humanoid/half donut alien beings , Eddie Curry is our last hope as a humanity lol


I like the way we’re we do not need to rent every card and instead could just get 3 cheap cards of the set and grind everything out.


Yeah that is way easier and actually more fun in my opinion.

almost every sports video game has become a constant updating your team battle which is why i usually end up bored after a month or 2… it gets tiring having to use a bunch of players you dont even like/ having to match up certain types of gameplay for certain requirements and remember every stat every player needs its just annoying


Yea I agree but when ur a b-ball junkie , it’s a rough life from the jump lol

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