Xfinity not working with 2k at the moment

Those new servers better be kicking in soon because i can’t even do anything at the moment :rofl:


Same. Trying to search some cards for tomorrow to prospect and getting error after error.

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I keep getting disconnected from the server :unamused:

I can’t even get into my team


yep cant get into the mode

Tried to contract a player to play an offline game and crashed out. What a fucking shit show.

Yeah first time for me servers are completely dead

I can’t get into MyTeam either. Is this just people on Xbox, or PS4 too?

I think they’re fixing the AH on Xbox?

I’m Xbox and having major issues.

I was grinding TTO all day and now can’t even get into MyTeam (XBOX). This is ass.

ps4 too.

People are ridiculous.

Trying to grab these cards and price fix them.

There are way too many cards being pulled every day to price fix a certain team for more than a day or two.

They need to learn about supply and demand.


gave up trying to log in after 20 minutes

Ya I dislike people like you are describing as well.


Anybody on Xbox still experiencing issues?


Yeah shits broke gonna have to go play cod now :joy:

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In what way are you experiencing issues?

Tells me to connect then it acts like it tries then… gives me a error code

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