Xbox Troubleshoot MTU

I have an XBOX One purchased in 2015. I play 2k on a monitor and currently using WiFi (due to working from home). I honestly couldn’t tell much a difference between ethernet and WiFi at first, but now ive been getting consistent spikes. Since I have more time on my hands Ive been going hard trying to get 12-0 unsuccessfully.

Im partly concerned that its my XBOX as its fans usually get loud at the same time as a gameplay skip. Hard for me to put my finger on any one thing though because could be another variable like 2k servers.

Advice? Troubleshoot the XBOX? New XBOX? Wifi Extender?

Where are you from dude? Which servers would you be on?

It’s more than likely a 2K issue, rather than your Xbox.

idk where are you from but in Europe 2k basically unplayable unless you play at absurd time like 3AM

Im in northeast USA. Philadelphia PA

I’ve consistently had horrible experiences with xbox and wifi, not just 2k. It’s caused me multiple disconnects. I play on a monitor too, and I went back to using a long ass wire from my router. No problems since then.